What is Gang Show 90

What is Gang Show 90

Gang Show 90 will showcase the amazing talents of Scouts and Guides in a major theatrical production to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Gang Shows. An incredible ‘Gang’ from across the UK will join together in song, dance and comedy to create a showstopping performance that will raise the roof of the Eventim Apollo Theatre in July 2022. Following an active recruitment campaign, in December 2021, Gang Show 90 confirmed that it will have a cast of 166 young people from 39 individual Gang Shows across the UK.

Celebrating 90 years

Marking our history, we are proud of the role Gang Show has had around the world. From being a platform for young performers and technicians, Shows continue to develop to be as relevant today as they have always been. Gang Show 90 is shaped around our young people. The cast is made up exclusively of Scouts and Guides aged between 14 and 25 and at least 20% of the show decided on by the cast.

Singing and acting are excellent for training in self-expression. Also, they mean good teamwork, everyone learning his part and doing it well, not for applause for himself, but for the success of the whole show” - Robert Baden Powell

Developing the skills to succeed

There is more to Scouting than you thought, with amazing talents in the performing arts. Whether it is singing, dancing, comedy or acting our members have amazing skills that they want to share in a show full of energy and show stopping moments.
Whether our ‘Gang’ go on to be stars of the future or not, we are developing skills in theatre and performance, as well as building confidence, resilience, leadership, independence and teamwork, that will stand them in good stead whatever their futures hold.

Building connections

Our cast and crew will be brought together from Gang Shows from all corners of the UK, and our aim is to have as many join us as possible. Bringing together people from differing backgrounds from across the UK, we’re creating connections & collaborations that we hope will last, building a strong future for shows across the country. With shows all across the UK, you’re never far from seeing amazing talent nearby and we hope Gang Show 90 will help raise greater awareness and inspire others to get involved.

Skills for life

Scouting actively engages and supports young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. It gives young people the skills to achieve the remarkable, and opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of our rapidly changing world. We aim to have a positive impact on society with our members more physically active, leading healthier lifestyles and with the courage to try new things. We want to develop the skills to succeed regardless of academic ability and develop happy, resilient and confident people who are both responsible leaders and team players. We want our members to be active citizens in society who can develop strong friendships, with care, trust and respect for others from all background.